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Established in 2014, Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail is a miniature horror theme park in Plant City, Florida. The attraction, also known as the I4 Fear Park, contains multiple haunted houses (aka haunted trails), escape games, laser tag, food vendors, a gift shop, axe throwing, and a common area that features an ornate centerpiece with wandering scare actors. Each event either features two or three open trails with a different theme or story for each session that the haunt is open.   

The attraction is located in Plant City, Florida (population 39K), which is closest to the major city of Lakeland, Florida (population 115K). *1 

The theme park is accessible and visible from Interstate 4 on exit 22, whether driving towards Tampa or towards Orlando (IE, same exit on either side). The attraction is located an hour away from the major theme parks of Orlando and Kissimmee, as well as a half hour away from Tampa, Florida. Tickets include free parking and one trip through each themed haunted trail, with up-charge add-ons being available to enhance the customer’s visit. 

The haunted attraction is recognized as a 501(c)3 and commonly donates part of ticket or merchandise sales to organizations such as Folds of Honor *2 and Give Kids the World *3. The event relies on dedicated volunteers who lend their administrative/customer service skills, creativity, and acting to bring the attraction to life. The event is classified as family-friendly, via no excessive gore, no explicit language, no sexual content, and no alcohol consumption permitted on property. 

Parental discretion for children under the age of 12 is advised and patrons may not smoke in the common area or on the trails. Filming is permitted by any guest in the common area, but only permitted on the trails, or in the haunted houses, under special circumstances or management permission. Guests caught filming without consent, harming or harassing scare actors, or breaking any other posted property rules will be trespassed from the event.


The haunt is founded by Zach Glaros, who is also known as the landmark character, Sir Henry, the dapper skeleton with a top hat, a walking cane and a storied past. Samantha Brito-Almeida is the Show Manager and also known as principal character Vex, with a manic appearance, biting wit, and carries an electrifying prod stick. Calvin Hogan is also a Show Manager of the event and is known as the landmark character Pyrum - the pumpkin headed man with a boom stick walking staff.

The event’s roots began as a long-running home haunt located at Zach’s childhood family home situated on a street labeled Sir Henry’s Trail. This is also where the namesake of the attraction comes from, and has been used as an Easter Egg within the hayride attraction. The 10th season anniversary in Fall of 2023 saw major expansions to the theme park. The 10th year anniversary of the haunt, however, was October of 2024, where separate celebrations for a decade of scares occurred. 


To clarify, the Halloween haunt season is the main focal point of Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail, where the Valentines and Christmas scary events, AKA off-season events, do not count as “seasons.” The data map below will demonstrate examples:

  • Fall 2014 - first season completed, zero years open

  • Fall 2019 - sixth season completed, five years open

  • Fall 2023 - tenth season completed, nine years open

  • Fall 2024 - eleventh season completed, ten years open

  • And so on, and so forth

Sir Henry’s also has multiple spin offs outside of the haunted attraction. There is a podcast *4, known as Sir Henry’s Haunted Podcast, which is hosted on multiple platforms and recorded at Backpocket Studios. The attraction also features a book series *5, with titles (in chronological order) “Sir Henry’s Haunted Tales” and “Sir Henry: Love’s Revenge.” The series, from horror authors Brad Acevedo and Amanda Rosenblatt, is a trilogy that compiles the canonical backstories of the major characters. The third book, "Sir Henry: Season's End," is coming in the Fall of 2023. 


Sir Henry’s has served as a filming location for the WWE, South Ridge Films, and Black Dog Filmz. WWE’s primary function for the property was to serve as a scary location, or a “haunted house trap,” in which the NXT Superstars wrestled in cinematic matches.

In 2021, WWE filmed a skit for their Halloween Havoc show with NXT wrestlers Johnny Gargano, Dexter Lumis, Andre Chase, Carmelo Hayes, and Trick Williams. Scott Garland, AKA Scotty 2 Hotty, made an appearance as a zombie during this filmed segment *6. They returned in 2022 to film another NXT Halloween Havoc skit on property, with the match featuring Alba Fyre holding her own against Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne *7. The haunted attraction, as a consequence, is a favorite to WWE personalities such as Shotzi Blackheart, Scott Garland, Joe Gacy, and Byron Saxton, who has also done scare acting at the event on special nights. 

In 2023, WWE followed suit with another Halloween Havoc skit being filmed on property. The “Meta-Four,” featuring Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson, and Lash Legend, were all dressed up as the Scooby Doo Gang as they hunted down Akira Tozawa, who stole Noam’s NXT Heritage Cup.^112  

A film entitled “The Pumpkin Man ''  was filmed on the property by South Ridge Films, in which the plot centers around the town of Cromwell and their local legend Kürbis, the Demon of Fall. *8 Another film, “Harlow’s Haunt,” came out in 2022 from Black Dog Filmz, focuses on characters grappling with the occult and evil spirits. *9


Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail takes place in the fictional town of Boggy Meadow and neighboring fictional locations, such as Portsmouth and Hollow Oak. The storylines for all of the haunted trails take place during early America (1800's) all the way through the time era of The Great Depression in the United States, with locations varying from small towns, to seaside villages, to rural settlements with a large farming community. 


Sir Henry’s business started as a freak show when the main character was a mortal man, but after his Bride was murdered, he too died in a mysterious car crash shortly after. Three years later, he returned as a living skeleton and reopened his business as a haunted attraction, as the Phantom of Sir Henry. 


He is financially backed by his business associate Mr. Barloc and his resident performers are Vex, Poppy, and Kane, who are effectively his adoptive children. Other characters that fans love, such as Mister Peebles, Pyrum, Beatrice, Fred, and more, also come into the story at different time frames and different circumstances. 

Fans who want to delve further into the backstory of Sir Henry and Boggy Meadow can refer to the book series, which is rated PG13 for descriptions of gore, violent sequences, and recounting of fictional child abuse. The novels do not contain explicit language and there are no sexual scenarios (consensual or otherwise) included.


  • 2017 - Top fan-voted “must see” haunt - Position 7 of Top 10, *10

  • 2020 - The Fall Horsemen Top 31 Haunted Houses in the USA *11

  • 2021 - Haunt Hunters League of Haunts Fall 2021 SEC Conference - Southeast Champions *12

  • 2022 - Two positions in Top Five Scariest Florida Haunts of Fall 2022 *13

  • 2022 - Halloween 2022 Awards - Best Events, Top 3 *14

  • 2023 - Top 10, position 5, Valentine’s themed haunts out of 90, HauntHuntersApp *15


In an episode of Sir Henry’s Haunted Podcast in 2022 *16, the owner of the haunt Zach Glaros was asked about Bible verses on the flip side of pamphlets detailing the backstories of haunted trails. The owner confirmed that he is a Christian who tries to incorporate his faith into his creative work, but not in a way that is overt or aggressive.


The main mission, he states, is not to proselytize. It is to share how his faith inspired him on his prolific journey to run a haunted attraction while overcoming his own adversities within the religious community. 

“I just happen to be Christian, and I know there's probably stereotypes and whatever that comes with that… It's art, and I feel like a lot of people, a lot of Christians specifically, don't fully understand the correlation between art and their faith. That is something that frustrates me and I wanted to make sure I did what I could to change that stereotype, if you will. If you think that's cool? Great! If you don't. Great!”


Fall 2014 Event & Opening Year Milestones

The attraction's first opening as a local haunt for paying guests at 2837 S. Frontage Road, Plant City FL was October 3rd, 2014, although a social media post was not made to commemorate this event until later in the month this year *17. The 2014 singular trail featured multiple scenes that the guests walked through, including such story lines as Sir Henry’s graveyard, a cabin where witches conjure spells, and patrons being terrorized by original character Blimpo the Clown *18. 

The principal character Sir Henry first premiered with a face that was more skeletal in nature with jagged teeth and no visible eyes (black mask underneath covering any human facial features) *19. The haunt also became a member of the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce, and celebrated a public ribbon cutting ceremony this same month. 

Sir Henry’s started attending industry trade shows in 2015, with Transworld in St Louis being the first, as professional haunters in March of 2015 *20. Then, construction first started for physical structures at the haunt during the same month *21

Fall 2015 Event 
sir henrys haunted trail gate 2015.JPG

The haunt opened once more the first week of October in 2015 *22. This season held major upgrades to the storyline of the headline trail, or “trail 1,” from 2014, and also featured a crew of scare actors that more than doubled in size, compared to the haunt’s premiere year *23

The initial concept of the gates to Sir Henry’s estate was built out with its first design in Fall of 2015 *24. The iconic Sir Henry statue that is featured at the event each year began being sculpted in April of 2015 with its first iteration. It was overhauled and redesigned in later years, and the design endured for many years following. *25

The main attraction of this year, “Trail of Fears,” featured Sir Henry’s graveyard, a sinking pirate ship scene, a witch’s cabin in the woods, a hillbilly zombie swamp, an abandoned mineshaft where a killer lurks, a scarecrow scene, Blimpo’s clown circus complete with a big top tent, and Sir Henry’s funeral. 

Keel & Curley Winery first became a sponsor this season, and years later would brew the popular Sir Henry’s Twisted Apple Hard Cider starting in October of 2021 *26. This was also the first year that the haunt started advertising on billboards off of Interstate 4, going in the direction of Orlando *27. Sir Henry’s opened up a family-friendly event having kids trick or treat on the haunt’s property that continued annually for a few years in a row *28

Fall 2016 Event 

Significant construction began for the addition of one new trail, or “trail 2,” in April of 2016 *29. Trail 1 was “Terror on the Tracks.” The primary story focused on Sir Henry pursuing the escaped killer who took the life of his Bride, with the major set piece of a fully-built train locomotive. The trail featured original character Makkapitew Yakama as one of the villains who scared haunt goers. Trail 2 was “Nightmare at the Mansion” and was touted as a lights-out trail.

This Fall event also hailed October 29th, 2016 as the 125th birthday of Sir Henry, and the first 300 fans were given buttons to celebrate as a social media promotion *30. Common area characters Mister Peebles, as well as others such as Twisty, also premiered *31

Fall 2017 Event 

Construction for this season began in February of 2017 *32. More significantly, this season was the one in which a new effects mask premiered for Sir Henry, giving him the aesthetic many fans are familiar with to this day, with a friendlier grin and visible eyes *33

the phantom sir henry.JPG

This season touted the premiere of more in-depth story lines for the trails. A major character in Sir Henry’s timeline, Beatrice the Witch, also premiered for this event. 


Trail 1 was “Curse of Hollow Oak” with this storyline: Not even at the church are you safe from the curse. Make your way through Hollow Oak as the scorned Beatrice engulfs the village in an evil curse. If you’re lucky, your death will be a quick one.  


Trail 2 was “Resurrection.” Storyline: What is Sir Henry hiding in his mysterious lab? Sir Henry will stop at nothing to finish his grand creation. But who dares intrude on his work? Will you make it out of the estate without being discovered?

Fall 2018 Event 

Construction for the fifth season was revealed in June of 2018 *34 in preparation for Fall of 2018. This was the year in which another principal character, Pyrum, made his premiere at the haunt *35. This year, Sir Henry’s also premiered its first escape game called “Hide and Seek,” in which guests had to solve how to keep a lurking killer out in order to survive *36. 2018 was also the first time that the haunt premiered their laser tag arena. The experience was entitled “Til Death Do Us Part” with a unique plot. You could either help Sir Henry, trying to take down the murderer of his Bride, or you could help the killer escape. Which side would you choose?

Trail 1 was “The Carving” with the following storyline: In 1791, a small village was making preparations for All Hallows Eve. Children whispered about the village legend - any Jack O Lantern left unlit by midnight would transform into a terrifying creature who would unleash a havoc-filled curse. One boy who neglected to follow this rule ran home on Halloween night to find no pumpkin. Instead, he discovered a six foot tall, vine-choked pumpkin creature carrying the decapitated head of his mother. The carving had begun *37.

Trail 2 was “Silent Walls,” featuring storyline: Following Sir Henry’s death in 1929, the town of Boggy Meadow fell off of the public radar, which meant town facilities such as the Castlemoore Orphanage suffered a downfall. The building was full of orphaned children and a staff growing mad from their lack of resources. Suddenly, children started to disappear one by one.  The young occupants of Castlemoore whispered of a Boogeyman living in the basement and hiding in the walls. Were the legends true? *38

Fall 2019 Event 

Construction and improvements for Sir Henry’s continued in June 2019 ahead of 2019’s Fall haunt season *39

Trail 1 was “The Harvester.” Storyline: With famine plaguing the crops and killer scarecrows on the hunt, the village of Crow Valley is suffering. But the Brown family is doing better than ever. Their farm flourished and seemed unaffected. The family claimed it was a secret fertilizer they made themselves. What's their secret? *40

Trail 2’s plot of “Reaper’s Haunting” details: Rumors that the Schwartz Family Funeral Home is haunted has stagnated the business over the years. One high profile funeral, the Bride of Sir Henry, just might turn the business around. With one last chance to save his funeral home business, will the  man that town has labeled The Reaper make it count? Or will the haunting of his family and past finally be too much for him to take? *41

Laser Tag returned with “Sabotage,” where guests helped save Sir Henry’s freak show performers from a posse of felon clowns *42. Fan favorite characters, Cousin Kornbread *43, as well as Vex and The Harvester, premiered this season *44

Valentine's 2020 Event 

Sir Henry’s first non-Halloween haunt premiered for Valentine’s Day weekend in February of 2020, called “Sir Henry: Love’s Revenge.” Laser tag was themed “Kiss of Death” and fans got to enjoy two trails. 

Trail 1 “Betrayal” followed this storyline: The Brown family’s daughter Suzanne has run off with her lover, and has shared the family secret for growing crops - fertilizer made from human bodies! Betrayed by their daughter's love, the Brown family is on the hunt for Suzanne and her lover to end the spread of their family secret. They clearly will cut down anyone who stands in their way *45.

Trail 2 was another lights out experience titled “Reaper’s Haunting: Blood Lust.” Storyline: After the funeral of Sir Henry's Bride, the state has finally shut down the Schwartz Family Funeral Home and is coming to investigate it further. Furious, the owner Charles has sought to protect his home and his deceased family from these intruders. With nothing to lose, he has finally embraced his title of The Reaper. You are playing the part of the State inspectors - with nothing but a flashlight to guide you in complete darkness, will you survive your investigation of the Schwartz Family Funeral Home, and  the spirits that haunt it? *46

This event featured the premiere of Poppy, who is a revered favorite of the event, with messy pigtails, distorted ballerina outfit, theater mask, and oversized scissors *47. After the Valentine’s Haunt event ended, the haunt premiered a stop-motion short film called “Wendy and the Pumpkin” to cheer fans up as the start of the COVID-19 pandemic essentially shut down the country for a few weeks *48.

Fall 2020 Event 
sir henrys 2020.JPG

The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the theme park industry in 2020, but Sir Henry’s was able to hold their annual Halloween haunt event with local restrictions while keeping customers safe. Fans were ecstatic when the haunt announced that they would safely be open in early October of 2020 for their seventh season *49

Laser tag and the escape game were closed, but customers were able to experience three trails and modified common area entertainment in Fall of 2020. The haunt enforced face masks, temperature checks, and social distancing, as well as having a local company called ForceShield disinfecting every surface of the haunt on a weekly basis *50.

Aside from these measures, the haunt also premiered its third trail, offering more experiences to patrons. This was also the first time the haunt experimented with presale tickets with time slots to ensure there was no overcrowding. 

Trail 1 “The Candy Tree” had this storyline: Neglected child Nathaniel Kane was told by bullies that if he embraced the Candy Tree, it would rain treats on him. Instead, he was tied to the tree and left overnight to fend for himself. When the ruffians were brought back to the tree by the town constable to retrieve the child, all they found was a broken rope and empty candy wrappers. What became of the Kane child? *51
Trail 2 “Marionette of the Dead” held this story: A gang of misfits led by their schizophrenic master, Poppy, moved into the abandoned Schwartz Family Funeral Home. Poppy has decided to pursue her fascination with puppets and dead bodies to stage a show detailing the tragedy of Sir Henry. Will you be an audience to her macabre creation? *52 

Trail 3 “Midnight Slaughter” was a lights-out trail with this storyline: The Brown family is more determined than ever to keep their fertilizer origins a secret. If you dare to intrude on their family compound, guided only by the moonlight and your wits, you might become one of the missing town’s people who were ground up and made into the lucrative compost. *53

Valentine's 2021 Event 

The popular Valentines’ haunted event returned for its second year in February of 2021 with three new trails. Laser tag and escape rooms were still on hold, due to lingering COVID pandemic restrictions.

Trail 1 was “The Kissing Tree” with storyline: The legend of the Candy Tree has evolved, and it has now become The Kissing Tree. When you kiss your true love under it, you will be together forever. If that person is not your true love, however, the Kane creature will appear from the woods to devour you both. Are you sure about who you gave your heart to? *54

Trail 2 was “Collector of Hearts,” with this story: One of Poppy’s followers, The Collector, is discovered to be harvesting human hearts to bring her puppets to life. She turns him away after discovering this, and he hopes that he can replace that lost love with one of the living puppets. Make sure he doesn’t want your heart, in order to create his new mate. *55

Trail 3, “Weeping Roses,” followed this storyline: Mrs. Green is out for revenge, after her flower shop went out of business due to lack of customers. Now, she is using her horticultural skills to wreak havoc on those who refused to give her patronage. Along with her crew of crazy gardeners, she is turning where her shop once stood into a conservatory of carnage and body parts. *56

This event featured the premiere of character Darla and it was also the event in which the concept for the Sir Henry’s book series was born, as the authors revealed on a 2022 episode of Sir Henry’s Haunted Podcast. *57

Fall 2021 Event 

Construction continued to make major improvements to the trail in March of 2021 *58. Further creative diversification came via the Sir Henry’s book series, which was announced to the public in June of 2021 *59. Laser tag returned as “Breakout” which was themed to the Castlemoore Asylum *60 and the escape game also returned, under the name “Pyrum’s Snare” which turns the pumpkin creature’s shack into a trap, from which you must escape *61. The haunt posted on social media thanking their fans for the success of the haunt, the new book series, and the newly released Keel Farms Sir Henry’s Twisted Apple Hard Cider in a post from late October of 2021 *62.

Trail 1, "Night Marrow," states - In a small town, a cemetery worker notices graves are being dug up and left empty. After an investigation ensues, the constable discovers that the saw mill owner has been robbing graves and feasting on the bones of the deceased. To add to the horror, in the basement of his home, he's building a whole throne from the stolen bones. A disgusted and angry mob captures the sawmill owner and decides to hang him. In his final words, he vows to return and avenge his death! As soon as the noose drops, a flock of ravens descends upon his body and feast on his flesh. Now every Hallows Eve, when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest, he rises from the depth of darkness and returns to the town. The creature has been named Sidious - will you escape him, or will you become another bone on his throne? *63 

Trail 2 was "Blood Masquerade" with storyline: The Miklos are a wealthy, eclectic, aristocratic family descended from Romanian immigrants. But they carry with them a secret heritage, they believe that they are direct descendants of Vlad the Impaler. In honor of their daughter coming of age, and to feed their hunger, the Miklos are throwing a grand ball. Tucked away in the deepest darkest part of this cellar is a beastly creature who feeds on the remains of their drained victims. A defective gene in the family line that only blood can activate, this creature is the core of the family. Will you thwart the allure or will you become a bottled memory ready to be consumed? *64

Trail 3 was "Captain’s Fury" with the following story: On the outskirts of Castlemoore lies a dark fishing town named Portsmouth. A young fishing captain is soon to be married to the love of his life, Abigail. But Captain Willem Jonah is soon sent back out to sea for work. When his ship falters in an unexpected nor'easter, the captain and his crew are believed to be lost at sea forever. In mourning and deep sorrow, Abigail seeks to end her suffering the only way she can think of: she jumps to her death from the lighthouse. Blurring the lines between living and dead Captain Jonah has come back for his love only to learn of her tragic death. In his anger and pain, he takes his wrath to the village who has caused him to lose everything. Bringing some of his crew from the sea back with him to carry out his revenge. Who is next to join him in the watery grave? *65

Winter 2021 Event 
sir henrys christmas.JPG

Adding to their line up of spooky offerings, Sir Henry’s made an announcement in November of 2021 that they were going to put on their first haunted Christmas event, much to the fanfare of the haunt community *66


Laser tag was entitled “Gingerbread Attack Laser Tag” *67 and the escape room was titled “House of Mischief.” The theme lays out that the elves have plotted to destroy a house that is next on Santa’s list to deliver to - can you disarm the traps in time? 

This event saw the premiere of the fan favorite Elves named Misty, Barnabus, and Psyche *68 as well as Lil Jimmy *69 and Frusty the Disgusting Snowman *70

Trail 1 was “Krampusnacht,” which held this storyline: In a small rural town, many families are enjoying the rewards of a bountiful harvest by celebrating in Winter. But many of the children in the village have become spoiled rotten and have taken to taunting, bullying, and disrespect. Someone has noticed, and it is not Santa. It's Krampusnacht, and Krampus will have his way with these terrible children, and anyone else who is on the naughty list *71.

Trail 2, “A Christmas Haunting,” held this story: Brothers Robert and William owned the lucrative Worthington Toy Company. They could never see eye to eye on how to share the profits. On Christmas Eve Night, the brothers had a heated discussion that soon turned into a fatal brawl.  Robert ended the life of his brother, made it look like an accident, and halted any charitable donations that the company made. Years later, Robert invited the townspeople to what they think is a joyous Christmas Eve party - little do they know that their host will be in the basement. Every Christmas Eve night, he is haunted by the ghost of his brothers and anyone else he has wronged. Will you survive this swinging soirée? *72

Valentines 2022 Event 

The Valentines’ event, “Sir Henry: Love’s Revenge,” returned for a third year. Fans had access to two trails, plus laser tag entitled “Teddy Bear Attack” *73 and the character Cupid premiered at this event *74. Trail 1 was closed, due to scheduled demolition and construction to make way for new structures.​

Trail 2 was ““Blood Wedding” - Sarah Devereux and Maxwell Smith's impending wedding is being puffed up by the local paper and the townsfolk are excited. Maxwell being the most eligible bachelor in town and Sarah being the daughter of the wealthiest merchant in town, they have been dubbed the perfect couple. However, when Sarah finds her fiance with another woman on the day of their wedding, and he reveals cruelly that the marriage was to be a hoax, she takes her revenge. Maxwell is decapitated with an axe at the hands of his scorned fiancee, and her bridal party joined in on the mayhem. Will you get caught in the crossfires of Sarah's Blood Wedding? *75

Trail 3 was "Cry of Death" with this storyline: The cry of the Sirens are deafening as they lure the ships that sail the mighty seas. Many men have lost their lives to these enchanting beauties. Going by the name Abigail, she fell in love with a young Captain named William Jonah and decided to stay on the land. But their love was ill-fated, as Captain Jonah and his crew went out one last time for a bountiful catch, but a turbulent storm drowned the ship and they never returned, and Abigail perished of heart break soon after. Now, on the anniversary of her death, Abigail calls together her Siren sisters and they join her in a call that rings in death. Every year, hundreds of ships and sailors meet their violent end due to the enchanting voices. Will you be lured by the Siren song? *76

Fall 2022 Event 

An announcement for major construction and overhaul of the trails was announced in April of 2022 *77. To further the expansion of the haunt, an exclusive podcast was created *78 and news of the next book in the series was publicized *79. Fall 2022 haunt held many upgrades, including a live headless horseman that would either appear in one of the trails, or would wander the common area *80. The season’s escape games were “Bloody Headlines,” loosely based on the story of Jack the Ripper *81 and “Cavities,” in which you attempt to escape a creepy candy corn killer named Cob *82. Laser tag was named "Vengeance" and had a Sir Henry-centric plot. 

Trail 1’s “Headless” story was as follows: In a small town, there exists the legend of General Hanover's Treasure. The General was famous for his brutality during the Revolutionary War, but after meeting his end with a beheading by a cannonball, rumors circulated about where his stolen riches were hidden, but they were never discovered. Years later, villagers are seeking the treasure out via a massive manhunt, but when they become too close to discovering it, the headless ghost of General Hanover appears in the graveyard, mounted on a tall dark horse. Will you dare to face the horseman for his treasure, or will you too, become headless? *83

Trail 2, “Final Cut,” details: Rising silent era starlet Joan Parker has purchased herself a mansion with a dark history. The former resident was an actress who after years and years of failed attempts to reach fame, killed herself within it. The home, however, is not as empty as it would appear. Ghostly sounds, a statue that seems to follow her, and objects disappearing will not stop Joan's Movie Premiere Party. Will the entity of the dead actress overcome Joan to wreak havoc on her celebration, and will you also fall victim to its ghostly possession? *84

Trail 3’s story of “Rapture of the Deep” states: The fishing town of Portsmouth's successful market has been legendary for as long as anyone can remember. Unbeknown to outsiders, over a century ago the town made a deal with a Sea Witch to sacrifice a human life to her sea creature every year in exchange for a lucrative harvest and favorable seas. Unfortunately, due to Captain Jonah's return from the dead, the townsfolk missed the day of the sacrifice and now the Sea Witch has unleashed her wrath. Will you join the townsfolk at the bottom of the ocean, or will you escape the clutches of the Kraken? *85

Winter 2022 Event 
evil elves sir henrys.JPG

The second Haunted Christmas event for Sir Henry’s premiered in early December of 2022. Fans had access to two trails, two escape rooms, laser tag, and the usual holiday-themed offerings they have come to expect 

The escape rooms were “Gingerbread Escape,” which was themed to Lil Jimmy *86 and the other escape room was “Toy Shop of Terror” *87. There was also laser tag themed to Frusty the Disgusting Snowman, who premiered in last year’s Christmas event and is a campy fan favorite. New characters Alabaster Brownose, as well as an imposing toy soldier stilt walker, Madelyn the evil ballerina, a punk rock version of Mrs. Claus, and Santa as a surly tattoo artist, premiered to fan’s delight *88.

Trail 1 was “Slay Bells” with the following storyline: Once a place of happiness and merriment, the North Pole has become a place of chaos and terror. As more and more children choose to stop believing in Santa Clause, the magic is being slowly drained away. Mr and Mrs Claus have sunk into a dark depression, and can't seem to find motivation to get out of their cabin. The North Pole has been left to the elves, who have become insatiable with anger. Even if you survive their wrath, you also have to be wary of the ravenous reindeer. *89

Trail 2, “Krampusnacht II,” carried the following story: The Sullivan children are the most spoiled kids in town. Every Christmas, they look down upon the less fortunate and parade their new toys around for all to see, while calling the penniless children names in a cruel fashion. This year, Santa will not be coming down their chimney. The screams from the Sullivan family estate on Christmas Eve can be heard from miles away, and there is no escape. Will Krampus and his merry band of miscreants get you, too? *90

Valentines 2023 Event 

“Love’s Revenge” returned for a fourth year with two themed trails, two escape games, and laser tag. The escape games were called “Hidden Sweets” and “Twisted Roses,” in which the candy and flowers that once served as romantic gifts are now fatal instruments of fear. Laser tag’s theme was titled “Vengeance” and was themed to Sir Henry’s overall story of seeking retribution for his Bride’s murder. A behind the scenes series also premiered documenting the making of the 2022 Haunted Christmas event *91

Trail 1 “"Cupid's Revenge"” focused on the downfall of Cupid, who has snapped seeing the rate of divorce, murder and other darkness coming from the human world *92. Trail 2 was "Truth or Dare" which showed the fate that befalls a group of teenagers who break into an old house and ruin it with graffiti *93. The ghosts of the old folks who died in that home don’t take kindly to this, and will leave a mark of their own on these foolish kids.

Fall 2023 Event - 10th Season

The excitement for the 10th season began with a blank spec map posted from the Sir Henry's social media pages *94, asking fans to speculate on what they think will be in store for them. A teaser portrait of legacy character artwork *95 was also posted, as well as construction photos in quarter one of 2023. Season 10 was themed The Witching Season, and the third book in the trilogy "Sir Henry: Season's End" was also announced. Accessibility efforts increased, starting with this season, under their unofficial motto "haunt for all." ^102


Laser tag was removed, in order to make room for the haunted hayride attraction. The escape games for Fall were titled "Poppy's Playhouse" and "Final Voyage," which were namesakes of our character's Poppy and Captain William Jonah.^101 


Trail # 1: “MOONLIGHT MASSACRE" - Deep in the heart of Boggy Meadow, a creaky, blood stained old house stands as a grim reminder of a sheep farmer named Thomas, who was lured into a sinister pact with Beatrice the Witch. His family was destroyed. Do you dare enter? ^96


Trail # 2: "TALES OF THE DEAD" - Once the most beloved troupe of their day, Sir Henry & his freaks fell from grace due to rumors after the Showman’s Bride was murdered. Years later on Halloween, the phantom & his misfits return to hunt the real killer. Trick, or treat? ^97


Trail # 3: "WICKED WATERS" - On the outskirts of town, Griselda the witch haunts a desolate swamp. Desperate for more control, she searches for a powerful lost staff. After her dark ritual, Ancient beings of death now roam freely. Will you survive the witching season^98


Haunted Hayride Attraction: "LEGENDS OF HALLOWEEN" - Featuring larger than life sets, custom special effects, and many of our icon characters fans have come to love over ten seasons. Fans will travel through an ominous trick or treating neighborhood, encounter a giant Jack-o-Lantern monster, be under siege by a vampire lord, and more frightening scenarios^99

The third book in the trilogy "Sir Henry: Season's End" was officially released on September 15th, following a soft release online. ^100









December 2023 Event - Haunted Christmas returns 

The third "Sir Henry's Haunted Christmas" event took place in December of 2023. Trail 2 (the mansion trail) was closed for refurbishments. Laser tag was once again open, while the seasonal escape game was titled "Frusty's Great Escape," named after the haunt's beloved, saucy snowman.^105   

Trail # 1: "SLAY BELLS: CHAPTER TWO" - Following their successful rebellion, Psych & the elves are running the North Pole their way. The naughty & nice list was thrown out the window & new demented toys are being produced. With the reindeers on their side to deliver nightmares, who can stop them?! ^103

Trail # 2 (utilized in the third, nautical trail): "CREATURES OF CHRISTMAS" - In an isolated winter village, legend has it that this is where creatures & monsters from ghost stories live. Krampus, Abominable snowmen, Jack Frost & more. A team of explorers recently went looking for these myths - what remains of these truth seekers? ^104

February 2024 Event - Year Four of Love's Revenge  

The beloved "Love's Revenge" haunted Valentine's event took place the weekend before Valentine's Day of 2024. Trail # 3 was closed for eventual demolition to make way for a new themed trail. 

Aside from the trails and great themes of the common area, there was axe throwing, "skull" tossing, and two escape games - "The Endzone" and "Siren's Escape." ^106

Trail # 1 - "Love Potion Number 13" - Cupid is furious that his continued devious deeds will not prevent people from falling in love. He enlists the help of a mysterious doctor who concocts an evil, secret "love potion". Tricking them into the false promise of the brew attracting their soul mates, the citizens of the local village experience a dark, bloody turn for the worst. ^107

Trail # 2 - "Blackthorn Inn" - The caretaker of the local bed and breakfast has opened her doors to travelers for years, but the estate in the past few decades has hid a dark secret. Those who have refused to follow her strict rules have been killed and buried on property. The spirits of the slain guests are said to haunt the Inn - are you ready to find out if the ghost stories are true? ^108 


Fall 2024

Trail 3 was demolished to make way for a completely new attraction theme. Fans will be happy to know that much of the marina/dock theme was recycled and implemented into the hayride attraction for a new scene. ^109

TRAIL ONE - “AGUA DE MUERTE" - Centuries ago, Spanish conquistadors journeyed out in search of the Fountain of Youth. Many failed to find such a magical fortune, with the exception of one group of explorers. Landing along the Floridian coast, they discovered mythical water flowing up from the ground, proceeding to build a new settlement around it.

As the citizens drank from the water, they claimed to feel years younger with a new sense of vigor. However, as the days and weeks went by, the explorers began to rot and wither away into skeletal beings. The survivors hurried to close off the water supply, but ancient beings appeared, haunting the settlers.

Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, the waters had been cursed many years ago, long before their unwelcome arrival. Anyone who drank from this life source would suffer the worst death imaginable. These waters were known as Las Aguas de Muerte...the Fountain of Death. ^110

TRAIL TWO - "Pyrum's Wrath" - 230 years ago, Pyrum massacred the village who wrongfully killed him, leaving behind one lone survivor, Jacob. Now the descendant's of Jacob have formed the "cult" of Pyrum.


They seek to summon the ancient creature from the ground and kill him, once and for all, for their family. But to their misfortune, they gravely underestimate the power of Pyrum. The cult soon suffers the wrath their ancestors experienced before them. Growing stronger with each victim, the gourd becomes larger than life, and destroys anyone in the way. ^111 

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